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The Many Uses of Self Dumping Hoppers and Material Handling Equipment

Posted on May 30 2017

The Many Uses of Self Dumping Hoppers and Material Handling Equipment

A self dumping hopper and other material handling equipment have a variety of uses that make them indispensable in many industries and businesses. They are a great tool to use for storage, handling, recycling and transportation. No matter what you need, McCullough Industries makes the material handling equipment that you need to get the job done right.

Because our material handling equipment comes in so many different sizes and holding capacities they are just perfect for storing many different objects. Generally hoppers can hold anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds making them cost effective for bulky jobs. Self dumping hoppers can be used temporarily and, with a forklift, can be moved from site to site as your company takes on new projects or needs change. With the addition of specialty lids you can even use self dumping hoppers to hide debris from the view of your customers. Because self dumping hoppers are precision built to unload the materials on their own and then snap back up into a secure locked position you save man hours and possible injury to employees by using them.

Hoppers are great; whether you are at the office, in a restaurant, or on a construction site, they always get the job done. For recycling purposes, your used papers, unneeded cardboard, and cast off packaging materials can be neatly stored in an industrial storage bin to be brought to the recycling plant. Instead of factory or construction workers having to haul debris manually away from the site with a self dumping hopper they can clean as they go and safely tuck scrap materials out of their way. Wood and metal scraps, copper plumbing tubes, dry wall, nails, and roof tear offs can be kept cleanly and efficiently in one spot, protected from the elements and protecting the workers. A clean and organized site is a safe site for workers.

Wheeled material handling equipment can make transporting materials a breeze, both around the site and from site to site. Everything is already stored in one spot and can be moved to where you need it in one effort. No more moving several pieces of equipment separately. And because of their unique stacking feature, empty material handling equipment can be stored in a minimum of space.