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Watch a Hopper in Action

Posted on May 30 2017

Self dumping steel hoppers can seem intimidating to the average person who hasn't had much experience with using material handling equipment before. But self dumping steel hoppers are one of the easiest and most convenient pieces of material handling equipment that one person can operate. They are simple, nearly foolproof, and most importantly safe.


Check out the safe operations video:


Perfectly balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to upright, locked position ready for reloading. Continuous welding helps to prevent leaking or dripping of wet materials from the hoppers. Formed smooth edge around top and pouring lip for safety and strength. Extended sides prevent side-wise scattering of material.


Help keep your workplace safe by providing a place to store waste, recycling, trash and scrap materials – clean up any excess materials as you go with a self dumping steel hopper. The variety of shapes and sizes available make them a versatile piece of equipment for many industries and businesses including sanitation, food service, construction, landscaping, waste management and more.


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